Member Spotlight-

Terabivio IT Consulting

Terabivio is an IT Consulting business that is local and Veteran owned by Alden Kiertzner, Timothy Stranak, and Erik Chen.

“We are experienced technology professionals in the fields of Networking, Systems, Cloud, Virtualization, Collaboration, Security, and Privacy & Compliance,” said Stranak.  “We support small businesses and offer a wide range of services including:

  • Email Setup, Delivery & Security

  • Backup & recovery

  • Website security

  • Migration from on-premises to cloud applications

  • Install & configure cloud and on-premises business applications.

  • Active directory

“Our dedicated team specializes in many areas and can help your business with all IT needs no matter how big or small!

“At Terabivio, we set out to change the world of IT. Every business or organization is different, so why treat everyone the same?” asks Chen. “We strive to provide solutions that fit your exact business needs because we know one size does not fit all. We do this by taking the time to understand our clients and their vision for the future. Together, we work to build a plan that is tailored to you!”

Terabivio offers immediate IT support as well as consulting for future operations and projects.

To find out more, visit online at