Member Spotlight-

Roadside Shed BBQ

My wife and I started Roadside Shed BBQ food trailer just over two years ago, however I grew up in the restaurant business.  My Mom and Dad owned a restaurant and I have been cooking part-time or full-time for 40 plus years.  During my 20 plus years in the Military I was the “Grill King”. My smoking/grilling techniques are a conglomerate of all the different styles learned throughout the years from all over the world and it has really shaped a good product served at Roadside Shed BBQ. Our mobility allows us to be in 4 different locations/towns throughout the week.  To find us please visit our website (  We also cater and no event is too big or small.  To inquire about a date please email us at  We hope to see you and, insert my southern accent, “Ya’ll come out and get fed at the Roadside Shed!”